How to Troubleshot WiFi, Wireless Network: When You are not able to See the Network in Scan List on Client

Well your problem is about Routing Table.

Give us some more detailed info about your Router.
Manufacturer: Linksys, ASUS, Etc.
Networking Scenario: Your router itself connected to Internet or its connected with other ADSL, Cable Modem?

Do these simple steps to troubleshoot wireless connectivity

1- Login to your router Configuration page ( Most cases this is
2- Remove all security settings, WEP, WAP Etc.
3- Go to the Network Setting page and Add New Route.
4: Now if DHCP is enabled fine, otherwise you have to configure you Computer TCP/IP settings again to use this router as Gateway. ( IP : 192.168.2.* Subnet: Gateway: ) Where * is anything between 2 to 253.

Hope this would resolve your issue.
Many peoples who are new to Networking get stuck over this point. Your default route of router is and its already busy and connected with your modem so you can't use it for your system connectivity for internet surfing. There you have to add a new route for your wireless Networks (WLAN ) or even for local area Networks (LAN),

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One more problem is possible while you can not see your Wireless Network in Windows XP ,

2.4GHz Wireless network could be one of the following.

1- 802.11a
2- 802.11b
3- 802.11g (Have Back end Connectivity for 11b)
4- 802.11n (Latest) (Have Back End Connectivity support for 11b, 11g)

Your Access Point or Wireless Router is configured to use 802.11n
Your Wireless adapter in Windows XP is configured for 802.11b Connectivity.

Now if your Access Point is not configured to use back end support for 802.11g & 802.11b then your Wireless adapter in Windows XP would not be able to find that network.

If Your Wireless Access Point or Router is configured to Force connectivity to 802.11g then your client supporting 802.11b would not able to see or connect the network.


WiFi, Wireless Tool-Kit -:+:- OverView,Security,Cracking,Hacking,Safety, (All You must have to know to secure your Wireless Network.)

Wifi AIO 2009 27 in 1 WiFi Tools & E-Books

Page 1:*
  1. Comm View for WiFi v5.2484*
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  5. Comm View*
  6. Aerosol*
  7. Easy WiFi Radar*
  8. Boingo Wireless

Page 2:*
  1. Get Wep Key Of Encrypted Wireless Connection*
  2. WiFi Companion v2.10.4*
  3. Net Stumbler*
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  6. iPig WiFi HotSpot VPN Security

Page 3:*
  1. Hot Spotter v0.4*
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  6. Wepwedgie - alpha*
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WiFi Troubleshooting: Low Signal & Weak Connectivity

Some Troubleshooting tips for you to solve Low Signal and Weak Connectivity Issues...

I don't know what Wireless Router and Wireless card You are Using but I describe all the Troubleshooting Tips in General for all.

  • See around if a Microwave Oven or other Same frequency spectrum in Air like Card less Phone, Wireless Phone,
  • Login to your router settings and user/pass is admin/admin for most of routers. and Make Surveys or Site Scan or Scan.. to see if there are some other Stronger Wireless signals with same Channels.
  • IF you find any other Wireless Networks with same channel like you have configured in you Router then change Your Routers Wireless Channel ...
  • Best channels are 1,6,11 to use these all are non overlapping channels.
  • One very important thing normally people don't know or take under notice. See there are different Wireless Channels Allocation in different parts of the world.Now you got an Access Point(Router) with 14 Wireless channels and your Laptops also with 14 Wireless Channels. in Country Settings.But your PC Wireless Adaptor is with 11 or 13 wireless channels.........There is a difficulty and lower connectivity.Make sure same country wide settings on Router and Wireless Adaptor.Hope this all would solve your problem...
  • You can check response time under different Packet values by using following CMD command. Go to RUN in your Start Menu... Type "CMD" without " " and hit the Enter button...Now you can see a black screen, There you have to type this command "ping -t -l 65550" without " " and type it right after C:/documents user setting/user/ Where in command: (IP Address of Your Access Point)-t (Continues Ping)-l (Packet Size from 1 to 65500)
  • Now you can check the actual connectivity and quality of link for a wireless network connection using different packet size...

This is very helping for beginners to learn about Link Quality and what is Max packet size handling for that Wireless Link.